Monetize Your Website With This Forgotten About Page

Looking for new ways to monetize your website? Get a leg up on the competition by monetizing this “forgotten” webpage: your “thank you” page.

When an email subscriber signs up for your product or service, what happens next? Do you use a standard or templated message from MailChimp or Convertkit? Do you have a video? Do you include any call to action?

Read on for how to optimize your “thank you” message after a subscriber signs up to monetize your website in a jiffy and take full advantage of the one of the most overlooked pages.


So a reader just signed up for your latest freebie download or newsletter, hooray! They must really like you right?? RIGHT! So while you have their attention, try one of these super simple ideas to make yourself some more money and learn more about your reader.

Here are my top 5 favorite ways to take advantage of your site’s thank you pages:

1. Passive Income Opportunity.

 If you aren’t familiar with that term, it basically means ‘make money auto-magically with minimal effort’. So whether you’re a blogger seeking more ad revenue from traffic to a particular url  or an affiliate partner looking for some additional real estate to get eyeballs to land on… the thank you page is the perfect opportunity to  keep the user engaged and make more money effortlessly. Drop a URL or image with call to action for some of your other revenue streams and voila!

2. Product Awareness. 

More product views = more likely purchases. Piggy backing off of passive income opportunity mentioned above here…Word on the street is it takes seven times for a user to see a message before taking action. So, take advantage of this blank page space and start prepping your audience with some of your fave products or services ahead of blasting their inbox with a direct offer. It can be a simple redirect url or just some basic text information saying something like “And if you love learning about ____, you’ll love my new product coming out on ____. Stay tuned!”

3. Data Collection.

“Knowledge does not equal power, but rather knowledge plus action equals power.” To act, most of us need the confidence…and that’s where the data part helps. Back up your marketing decisions with facts! Trust me when I say any opportunity to learn more about your audience and to add more data ammo to your strategies will earn you more money when put it to use- Like messaging your user with something they’re actually interested in because they told you they were interested in it! Thank you pages are the perfect opportunity to quiz your audience and find out even more about what they’re interested in so you can curate content just for them.

4. Cross Promotion.

Maybe you’re one of those multi-passionate entrepreneurs who dabbles in a little of everything or maybe you have both a product AND a service… Thank you pages give you the opportunity to cross promote another area of your business that your user may be interested in. So whether you’re a web designer looking to cross promote logo design for your logo package or you’re an infopreneur and want someone to subscribe to your podcast- this is the perfect place to showcase your work and have users engage with all aspects of your biz.

5. Social Opportunity. 

Include more touch point opportunities to reach your audience. This would especially be helpful for sign ups from your organic traffic, but maybe they found you through Instagram but you’re trying to ramp up your Pinterest game. Give them ALL the options to stay connected by dropping some social icons on your thank you page. 


One of my personal favorite examples of a customized thank you page was an opt-in to join a community that currently had a wait-list. After I submitted my info, a video played with a welcome message from the community host explaining why there was a wait, when I could expect to be notified, and what resources I could utilize in the meantime for more community while I waited.

I found the video and list of resources so encouraging that I already knew I *had* to be on the lookout for the notification in my inbox as soon as it was open again. I fell in love with the community before I even was formally invited, had resources to access in the meantime, better insight as to what to expect, and my wallet ready to swipe for whatever they were about to sell me. And whether that was just some good marketing with a strong FOMO game or not…that my friend, is the power of a thank you page.

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Cheers to saying thank you…and selling some more!



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