7 Back To School Creative Ideas For The Mamapreneur

Back to school prep got you strapped for time mama?? If you’re in the middle of buying 124 of EVERY.SINGLE.THING. on the school list, running low on creative juices for social media these days, or if you’re ready to really scale your biz after the kiddos go back…I have 7 back to school creative ideas for the #mamapreneur so you can:

  • Not fret about what to actually post these next few weeks…
  • Use timely, relevant content to boost engagement and sales. Cha-Ching…
  • Have a step-by-step content planning tool so you can plan ahead all these big mommy moments today AND in the future–with my exact Trello board I use for my VIP clients 🤗


Because momming is hard enough…let’s make some of that work life a little bit easier, k?


7 Creative Back To School Ideas For The Mamapreneur:


1. Create a back to school themed workshop

Host a back to school themed workshop.

For example, If you’re an educator or online course creator, host a workshop that shows a signature piece of your online course that would be super relevant to helping out a mom during this time– something that gives them value from your course and entices them to consider purchasing.

Boost your email strategy by using a webinar platform to collect the email addresses and funnel your webinar attendees through your sales funnel or host something as basic as an Instagram live or “coffee chat”.

2. Create a back to school themed lead magnet or opt-in

Are you a mom blogger? Create a back to school checklist to help other moms keep their sanity and make time for all those first day of school pictures.

Is food part of your brand? Make a quick meal prep guide for easy lunch recipes for the kids during the school week.

Do you run a service-based biz for moms? Make a simple “guide” or “must-have” list to drive email addresses that tie into your service. For example, I’m creating this blog post for moms and including an opt-in at the end to help them with their content planning so this season is less stressful for them.😉

3. Create a back to school themed sale

Whether you’re looking to get rid of some outstanding inventory or have a product that would be PERFECT to show moms how it could help them during back to school season…create a special discount code or use “back to school” promos and graphics to showcase how a specific product or service would be perfect for them at this time.

Have a kid’s product? Make sure all the mama’s know if it’s a must-have they need to add to their shopping list!

4. Create a back to school themed blog post

Like this one. 😉

5. Create a back to school themed product or service launch

Are you about to launch a product or service in these next few weeks? Piggyback off this season and tell them how this new product or service is perfect for this new back to school season!

6. Create back to school newsletter content

Are you a stylist? Showcase what to buy the kiddos (or heck, the mamas) and where to buy it.

Are you a blogger? Tell your readers a story about all your back to school prep mom moments.

Are you a podcaster? Tell your newsletter reader that a new back to school themed episode is up this week.

7. Create back to school social media content

Engage all the mamas with your journey and stories of back to school prep. Share the ups and downs, stresses of work, systems that help, or ask for prayer requests 😜

And brainstorming ideas really isn’t your jam,  make sure you snag my free download this week: My exact Trello board I use to plan content– it even has some done-for-you back to school social media ideas in there!

Because trust me, I know exactly what it’s like to:

  • sob over the first day of school…BEFORE school even starts…😭
  • budget time and money for all these ridiculous school supplies and prep work and work WORK…😩
  • try to run a biz (ahead of schedule) while also scheduling all the sports, small groups, and birthday parties for the foreseeable future.😵

So let’s make sure your work life is easier and well planned for this school year and beyond…

Because brainstorming and talking about all these ideas are cool and all, but I actually want you to put them into ACTION…with a step-by-step guide!

My exact Trello board content calendar can be used forEVER, not just back to school season… so scoop it up and start planning that content ahead of time so you can make more room for all the life moments that are sure to come your way.

Cheers to a stress-free back to school season and easy breezy content planning mama. 🥂

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