What’s the difference between marketing and strategic marketing?

What’s the difference between marketing and strategic marketing? Intentionality. 

Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner is not “just a planner”…

Lara Casey’s Powersheets, aren’t “just a goal tracker”…

And newsflash: Marketing isn’t just newsletters and social media posts. *Especially* my style of marketing: strategic marketing.

Get ready to learn:

  • The difference between marketing and strategic marketing
  • The #1 way to use strategic marketing in your business
  • My top 3 go-to types of marketing I include in my monthly marketing strategy
  • 5 ways to start strategically marketing TODAY
  • And more!

#1 What is “strategic marketing” even?

First things first, let’s start by clarifying what “marketing” even is: the promoting and selling of all your products. So obviously you need this in your business because if you aren’t promoting your business, how will anyone know about it? And if you aren’t selling anything, how will you make any money, honey??

So what then is “strategic marketing”? So glad you asked!

Strategic marketing is making sure all your marketing (the promoting and selling of all your products) contributes to your business’s goals. So strategic marketing makes sure all the marketing (ie: newsletters, instagram posts, paid advertising, etc) you do points straight to your piggy bank and more efficiently!

AND strategic marketing also makes sure your marketing is in line with your mission and overall business vision. ‘Cause this entrepreneurial journey is more than a job to you…it’s your calling.


Once you understand the value of marketing and the difference between marketing and strategic marketing, you can see why you need to be strategic in every marketing decision, ones like:

  • Which social media platforms to post on and what to post
  • What kinds of emails to send to your list or how to grow one
  • Where you should place your freebie on your site and what should it even be
  • How much to price your shop products and how to get your ideal client to visit
  • Who should you target in your paid advertising or who you should partner with
  • What your monthly goal really should be and what the heck should your employee’s goals be?


and more importantly:

  • is this marketing task fulfilling my dreams?
  • does this marketing plan feel meaningful to me?
  • is there a puropose for this action?

I totally get it, those marketing things can be time consuming, overwhelming, and straight-up exhausting, but good news: they don’t have to be.

My work and this site are dedicated to empowering you with the strategic marketing tools you need to see how every task you take on contributes to your bottom line so you can spend more time doing more things you love. You know, like non-marketing things and being with your family.

Sound good to you? Sweet! Then  keep on reading.

#2 The the number one way to use strategic marketing in your business.

The number one way you can use strategic marketing in your business is through a marketing strategy or “marketing plan” as some like to call it. For purpose of this article, I’m going to call it marketing strategy.

A marketing strategy is essentially your plan to achieve your marketing goals. It includes all the forms of marketing that you plan to use to meet your business goals for a specific time period. Here are my top 3 go-to’s I use each month as an example:

  1. Email marketing – the messages you send to your email list
  2. Social Media Marketing– your promotions on social media
  3. Paid Advertising- your paid promotions through Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other third parties.


Though you may even have some of the above listed in your own marketing plan currently, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily strategic. You can tell if your plan is strategic if you can answer questions about how your tasks are contributing to your bottom line…questions like:

  1. How many email addresses will I get from this post? And how much money will that make me?
  2. How can I tag this email to drop the user into my sales funnel? What kind of tag historically converts the best?
  3. How much money should I expect from this webinar? Store? Product launch?
  4. Does this marketing task fit with my mission? My company’s vision?

More importantly, when you can start answering questions like that regularly you can start:

  • Waking up each morning and knowing exactly which marketing things to work on…and why.
  • Planning ahead. Being proactive not reactive so when your fave social media platform changes that pesky algorithm, you have a plan b ready to turn to.
  • Scaling your business with confidence…because when you’re strategic you’ll be able to make conscious, data-driven decisions that are less risky. #NOMOFOMO
  • Forecasting how that next big idea of yours contributes to your bottom line…or not.
  • Streamlining those business process you run..instead of letting them run you!
  • And finally work with a sense of purpose!


So whether you’re tired of all those vague methodologies, webinars, and cheat sheets or whether you’re ready to uplevel your existing marketing strategy with some real, analytical insight and out-of-the-box ideas, I believe you’re business is worth learning more about strategic marketing because this isn’t just a job for you, it’s your calling!

#3 How to start strategically marketing.

I believe you have more marketing smarts in that pretty little head of yours and you are more than capable enough of learning how to be a strategic marketer too. My goal is not have you outsource everything to me forever and ever.

In fact, I’m not doing my job well if you need to keep outsourcing me for every single marketing decision. My mission is to empower YOU with the same marketing and analytical insight I have, so you can be your very own CMO- Chief Marketing Officer. So without further a-do…

here are 4 ways to start strategically marketing in your business:

  1. Learn how to be strategic and not just have a “strategy”. Wrap your head around this blog post.
  2. Start from the beginning with my profitable goal setting guide and a free marketing strategy template. Take the Marketing Strategy 101 mini-course here.
  3. Get started the fastest way possible with a totally free one-on-one consult with me- schedule yours here.
  4. Access the members-only library of all my fave strategic marketing tools, workbooks, and cheat sheets I use with my VIP clients. Get on on the wait-list! 

So before you purchase that next social media course, attend one more free webinar,  subscribe to one more entrepreneur’s newsletter, or consider that mastermind…try one of those options on for size and browse the blog for even more marketing ideas. And hey, if you straight-up just have more money than time and are looking for some done-for-you marketing strategy, check out these services and get ahead of the game. I don’t blame you 😉

I hope this article was helpful and you can see the difference between marketing and strategic marketing. Tell me, how strategic would you consider yourself currently on a scale of 1-10? Drop your answer in the comments below so I can personalize even more content for you!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Toodles Poodle.


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