The Not-So-Obvious Marketing Strategy Your Business Needs

We all get those “secret marketing strategy” subject lines in our inbox that we don’t even open. The kind we already assume we know what the content is all about so we just hit delete? The same “email list building strategy” we think we’ve heard all about or think we already have all figured all out?

Yep. I’ve dropped a few eye-roll emojis at said “marketing strategy” in my day (and still do).

But here’s the good news: There is a not-so-obvious marketing strategy you probably haven’t tried and today, I’m going to tell you all about it.

Today, I’m going to share with you:

  • A not-so-obvious marketing strategy and why it’s not-so-obvious.
  • Why your business NEEDS this marketing strategy.
  • My 4 favorite ways to use this kind of marketing strategy.


Hear me out because it’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise!

First, let’s talk about what do I even mean by a “data-driven marketing strategy”.


In a nutshell, a data-driven marketing strategy is simply a marketing strategy that is led by your customer information and your business insights.

So why is a data-driven marketing strategy a not-so-obvious marketing strategy?

Great question! I believe it’s because in the entrepreneur space, this isn’t talked about and therefore no one knows much about it. Based on client feedback and my own investigation, my conclusion is this:

  • Business owners are focused more on the “how to” instead of the “why” due to overwhelm and the pressure to grow quickly. They’re living in a ‘get rich quick’ mind-set.
  • Creative business owners aren’t “numbers” kind-of people. They’re makers, artists, bloggers, or service based owners so naturally, metrics aren’t their greatest strength or at the top of their mind.
  • Info-preneurs are teaching “systems”, “tips”, and “tricks” for “how to” grow, not the mind set and thought process that’s necessary for how to optimize or scale said strategy to keep it sustainable.
    • I mean, What if you were aiming to grow your Pinterest audience but you’re Facebook audience was more lucrative?  How could that info-preneur possibly know if Pinterest is best for you without knowing and understanding your unique business model and insights? Spoiler alert: they don’t.
  • Business owners think they don’t have any data to work with or know how or even where to start.



Trust me, I was far from a “data analyst” when I started my career over 7 years ago. I actually consider myself an “accidental analyst” but that’s another story for another day.

It’s not that I’m passionate about or actually love analyzing numbers, it’s that I’m passionate about the VALUE that analyzing numbers brings that allowed me to climb the corporate ladder and now steward my business (and my client’s businesses) well. And that’s the exact same reason I want to share this with you today.




Stick a quarter in me and I could chat about this allll day, but since we don’t have all day, here are my top reasons why you need a data-driven marketing strategy:

  • So you can plan with purpose. Wake up each morning and know exactly which marketing things to work on…and WHY. Because marketing is overwhelming when you can’t connect it to what matters, Amen??
  • So you can continually grow your business. A data driven marketing strategy isn’t a one time system to learn and scratch off your list. It’s an evergreen marketing strategy that allows you to create real sustainability for your business and not just another marketing band wagon to hop on to scale your brand.
  • So you can scale with confidence. NOMO FOMO in those business decisions of yours because when you can see WHY you’re doing what you’re doing and how your choices contribute to your bottom line, you quit wasting time on all the  “what if” thoughts and being in Stuck-Ville, USA.
  • So you can plan ahead. With data, you’ll be able to forecast like a pro so you you can be proactive instead of reactive. So when Facebook changes up that algorithm or Google dings your traffic, you’ll  s have a plan B..and maybe even C.


And most importantly, a data-driven marketing strategy gives you the upper hand to create a custom marketing strategy to suit you and your business’s needs so you can have a leg up on your competition 😉

Those “numbers” aren’t sounding so scary when you can see all the value they can bring to your business, are they?? Let’s keep going!




In straight numbered list fashion, here are my top 4 favorite ways to use a data-driven marketing strategy:

  1. Forecasting. With data, I can drop some easy formulas into a spreadsheet and track my sales projections for the month. It’s so nice to be able to see if I need to course correct if need be or if I can spare a few vacay days for the month 🙂
  2. Email list building. We all know “the money is in the list”! But with some basic metrics and understanding which email addresses get me the most money, I know exactly where to get those email addresses from and make sure my marketing plan includes exactly how to do that instead of all the other things that are wasting my time!
  3. Paid advertising. If you know my background, you know my marketing career grew from my love of advertising. So it’s no question whether in my plan or my clients, that I’ll be combining my enthusiasm for data along with this marketing strategy to calculate the exact ROI to expect from a paid advertising campaign. Isn’t it nice to know how much money you’re going to make before you invest it??
  4. Content marketing. I can’t imagine NOT using analytics for this one. Tracking all the fun numbers in Google Analytics and Convertkit allow me to answer questions like “What should I blog about?”, “What subject line should I use”, “What kind of lead magnet should I create?” and so much more!

And how do you actually get data? Track it? Analyze it? Do something with it?

Well, one blog post certainly isn’t enough but my work and this site are dedicated to sharing all I know with you so I hope you’ll stick around. You can also access my bite size trainings in my V.I.P., all-access marketing library!

You’ll find the same templates and workbooks I use with my V.I.P. clients to create custom, data-driven marketing strategies. Oh, and don’t worry, it’s all in real talk format…none of that scary marketing jargon, promise!

I’ve also got some really cool projects (cough webinar and workshops) up my sleeve that you’ll also be the first to know about when you get your instant access to the library.

So pour yourself a cup of coffee (or champagne) and let’s get you a marketing strategy that actually works, ok?



Cheers to data, friend!

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